Victor M. de la Puente

- It's my passion to capture emotions. -

It all started by chance, when a University friend offered me, in 1998, work as wedding photographer assistant on weekends.
Some years later they offered me to record my first wedding, how exciting!!, at the end all was perfect. I continued recording weddings while I did my first steps in photography. And in a great day I started to edit videos too in a self-taught way.

In that moment was when I really started to be more "curious", I realised that this is what I love and that I can make something different about that special day for you.
A different touch to those typical long wedding videos that bored all the family. I decided to create cinematographic and unforguettable films.

On 2015 I start my own path to take my own decisions and don't have any kind of limits.

For me, your wedding its not just any wedding, it has a history. All things you have lived together since you have met until that big day.

Imagine your wedding as a movie.